MMOEXP : The beauty that is Elden Ring is found not in its difficulty

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MMOEXP : The beauty that is Elden Ring is found not in its difficulty

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You can even skip the fortress altogether if you've realized that you're tired of his nonsense, a viable plan for when you're ready to check out what the rest of the Elden Ring Runes game has to offer.

The beauty that is Elden Ring is found not in its difficulty, but the little things you do between the earth-shattering boss fights. The game is about exploring each shadow-filled crevice and dark-obscured nook in the surroundings in search for things you'll never need. It's about rotating the camera just right to peek through corners and over sharp walls for hidden dangers. It's about clambering into coffins that take you up and over underground waterfalls to caverns long forgotten by time and home to elves from beyond the stars. It's about soaring over the cliffs of a dying, huge dragon or the massive branchings of a golden Tree, both of which have become so integral to the structures of a dying capital city that, long before your arrival, they've become more architecture than biology.

Elden Ring manages to pull off the task of making it seem small but still being able to influence the tectonic changes around you.

Being one of Tarnished groups made up of "chosen" "undead" return to their world that's been described to be the Lands Between long after an unidentified exile, Elden Ring puts you in the position of both a visitor and vaccine. The destruction of the famous phenomenon that is known as the Elden Ring resulted in the deaths of demi-gods and the destruction of the great kingdoms, leaving a vast mess for players to clean up in various ways upon your arrival. Much like the more bleak locations of the previous Souls games The Lands Between is a shadow of its former self, and those who still have to sort out the debris do so out of the momentum of their actions instead of working together to bring the pieces back together. There is no way for life to live in Elden Ring so much as it walks around with its eyes fixed on the ground, unprepared to deal with the end of the world.

The most effective way to describe exploring the buy Elden Ring Items game of Souls game such as Elden Ring is to compare it with renting or buying the game used in the days before cartridges. Back before progress was saved on memory cards, consoles or the mystical cloud server, playing an earlier owned game meant that you were able to interact with someone else's story.
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